Don Bross was born and raised in Logan County, Oklahoma, some eight miles southwest of downtown Guthrie. Don’s first eight years of education were in a one-room school in the little town of Seward, where a lone teacher had the unenviable task of pounding knowledge into thick skulls, even though some were not programmed for learning. But the harried leader persevered and earned her hundred dollars a month salary.

Dixie Lee Ross, arguably the prettiest girl in  Guthrie, was Don’s high school sweetheart and he sweet-talked her into becoming his wife. They raised four wonderful children, Ted, Larry, Del and Patti. Little Patti was outnumbered by three big brothers but she soon learned to hold her own. The family lived in Del City during most of the 50’s and then in 1960 built a home in the country, not far from where Don was raised and it remains his home until this day. On August 8, 1951 Don went to work for Southwestern Bell Telephone as a lineman. For seven months he was located at Clinton, Oklahoma and then in March of 1952 transferred to Oklahoma City where he worked as a lineman until the spring of 1958 when he began installing telephones. This lasted until September, 1963 when he accepted his first management position as an un-located Construction Foremen in the Shawnee District. From there he moved to Wewoka, Oklahoma as Wire Chief and then back to Oklahoma City where he spent the remainder of his career as a supervisor in both Residence and Business Installation. Don retired on December 31, 1983 one day before mighty AT&T was divested into smaller companies. Retirement gave him an opportunity to write book-length works, thus following a dream he’d had since childhood.

As of this writing, Ted works for Verizon Wireless in Oklahoma City and his wife, Pam, teaches a third grade class in the Moore public schools. On May 27th, 2006 Larry succumbed to a long illness and joined his Mother in Heaven. Del works for Ditch-Witch at Perry, Oklahoma. Daughter Patti works on computers, primarily Dell laptops, for the Oklahoma State Department of Health and her husband, Greg, is a computer expert for the Oklahoma Casa Association also in Oklahoma City. Del and Pat live near Don and Jean while Ted and Pam as well as Patti and Greg live in South Oklahoma City, near Moore.

Not long before Don retired, Dixie was diagnosed with systemic lupus, a debilitating disease that fights the immune system. God led them to Dr. Richard Ishmael who had done extensive research on lupus and for more than 20-years contributed greatly to Dixie enjoying a quality life. On November 27, 2004, Dixie was overwhelmed by her illness and that is when she joined her Lord, Jesus Christ, in Heaven. Eighteen months later Larry was buried next to his Mother at Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie.

On July 28, 2006 Don married Louise Dixson of Shawnee, a woman he had worked with some forty years earlier. Accompanied by their friends John and Noni Ham, they eloped and were married in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. In November of that year Louise was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. The disease progressed rapidly and after spending 40 days in various hospitals and skilled nursing centers, Louise died on June 16, 2007. She is buried near her parents and brother, Eddie, at a cemetery in Shawnee.

On January 18, 2010 Don married Jean McCurdy of Mulvane, Kansas. They met when Jean’s mother was in a nursing home in Guthrie and although their homes were in different states this was of little concern since they felt such a strong attraction toward one another. For many months they made the trip from Guthrie to Mulvane to Guthrie and once they knew beyond a doubt that they were in love and wanted to spend the remainder of their lives together, John and Noni Ham stood up with them as they were married by Pastor Dennis Clark in Guthrie’s First Christian Church. In February of the same year their honeymoon trip was to Yuma, Arizona to visit Don’s cousins, John and Wanda Tontz. Both Don and Jean have kept their homes and spend time together at both places.  When at Guthrie they attend Don’s church, The First Christian, and when at Mulvane, they attend Jean’s church, The First Methodist.  They love to travel and as health and circumstances allow, plan to do more.

Don is active in the Telephone Pioneers and is Treasurer for the Oklahoma City Life Member Club. The Lord has blessed him with good health for his age. Jean loves to knit and travel. She has a special way with plants that seem to respond well to her tender care as well as a knack for home renovation.

               Dixie                                       Don                                         Louise